Long story short, 8 months ago I bought a second car:


A slightly newer Saab c900 that looked pretty good on the outside. Brought it home, took the seats and carpet out to check for rust, enter into 8 months fixing and repainting the entire floor pan and resealing the windshield and other bits.


I had this idea when I was toying around with my other 900 about a year ago to replace the stock instrument cluster with AVR powered gauges, along with a lcd screen for an information display.

I’ve been planning this and revising it for a long time now, and it’s finally time to make it.

The idea is that the custom gauges I made will fit into the stock gauge housing, each one powered by a atmega328.

Each gauge communicates to the info display over the i2c “twin wire” protocol. Since each gauge has its own microcontroller, it will be easy to update or change how they work or what they display.


Final sketch before I made it all in autocad. The gauges use WS2812B addressable leds (Neopixels) as the display.

The first board is etched and partially soldered, I ran out of leds. This is the tachometer face plate, the inner ring is either going to be a clock or a boost/vacuum gauge.




SMD soldering is a lot easier than it looks, this was my first attempt.

I’m planning on etching two more boards in the next day or so, a programmer ‘target’ board for a 328p and the control board for the information display/lcd screen.


I also had some fun with ASCII artwork:


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